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“I was really touched when I heard Jamie’s Soul Song. Not only because he dedicated it me but also because it is a deep musical composition with a beautiful harmonic structure. A work of art by which I’m honored and inspired.”

- Chris Walden

Download Chris’ Soul Song below:
Chris Walden’s Soul Song


“The Soul Song is beautifully composed, I listen to it constantly and it feels special and close to my heart.  Always puts me in a great mood. I love it.

Thank you Jamie.”

- Hala 

Download Hala’s Soul Song here:
Hala Al Zarkan’s Soul Song


“Dear Jamie,

The Soul Song you wrote for my mom was one of most touching experiences of my life… In this very sad time of advanced dementia, the loss of my mother in my daily life leaves me feeling very sad and lonely. The song you wrote in her honor after discussing her with me makes me feel that deep connection to her, the one that I have missed so much since she became ill.  Thank you for your kindness and soulful consideration while composing a special song for my most favorite person on the planet… my mom!”

- Sandy Shore

Download Patty’s Soul Song here:
Patty’s Soul Song


“The Soul Song Jamie wrote for my soul’s enjoyment turned listening into sacred bliss. Many people believe the universe is composed of music. If that is true, Jamie is the composer of that universal song of creation.”
- Toni Petrinovich www.youaresacred.com

Download Tony’s Soul Song here:
Tony’s Soul Song

“We brought Ceal home for Hospice care we knew it would be soon and she wished to pass at home with family. She was weak and frail as her life was draining from her, but always managed to give everyone her trademark smile as we took turns being with her. She requested we contact Toni to see if she could get some of the special music Jamie could compose. At the time I did not know of Jamie’s existence, but her wishes were honored. She was failing faster and faster, it was so heartbreaking seeing her slip further and further away from us. She was supplied with painkillers, but you could see the obvious agony and pain in her face. The music arrived via download and we were setting up a laptop near her so she could listen to the music. As soon as the music started, the most amazing transformation took place, it was almost as if instant peacefulness flowed through her. She relaxed and formed a slight smile. Her niece and myself were awestruck with what we were witnessing, we both said at the same time, did you see that? She was at peace with her destiny and ready to meet her Father. It will be a moment that will live with me forever.
I am thankful you were there for those last moments Jamie and I am so honored my Angel continues to inspire you.”

- Jim Kight

Download Ceal’s Soul Song here:
Ceal’s Soul Song


“Dear Jamie,

I would like thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing song you’ve written for me… I feel as if you’ve known me all of my life as the melody, chords and tempo all fit me spot on.  You’ve captured my very essence in this soul song you’ve written for especially for me and I received it at a time in my life when I needed it most.  You are an inspired giver of hope, thank you for all that you do through your music!”

-Sandy Shore 

Download Sandy’s Soul Song here:
Sandy’s Soul Song

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