Sleeping with Music

sleeping musicInsomnia is an unfortunate, but fairly common sleeping disorder. It is a huge issue and concern for people across the globe because lacking sleep is an issue that continues to affect an individual throughout their entire day. Feeling tired drains both an individual’s energy and their desire to do anything during the day. Naturally, there are a number of things that can cause difficulty with sleeping. Fortunately, there are also several solutions for individuals who have trouble sleeping as well. It is fairly common for individuals to try different kinds of sleep aids and medication when they have difficulty sleeping. However, most people tend to overlook one of the best and more natural solutions out there; music. Music can be a very successful treatment for insomnia because it helps an individual’s body and mind to relax. After all,any composer will tell you music is the medicine of the body and mind.

There are a large number of difficult musical composers and artists that create music for the sole purpose of helping individuals calm down and embrace sleep. Obviously, you aren’t going to hear this kind of sleeping music on the radio of your vehicle or during a television program. However, you can find this special and beneficial music at just about any music store. There are two types of common sleeping music. The first is instrumental music and the second is sounds of nature. Generally, you would make the final decision on which of these two is going to aid with your sleeping process more.

Soothing instrumental songs can be a great way to alleviate an individual’s trouble sleeping because the sound of the song is very gentle on the ears, while calming the mind at the same time. An individual is able to focus on the music while the sounds relax their mind thanks to the lack of words. Statistics show that it can be more difficult for an individual to fall asleep when listening to music with lyrics. This is because the individual is normally compelled to sing along with the lyrics or at least listen to them. Lyrics require you to focus while instrumental music allows you to fade away. A composer use instruments such as violins, pianos, flutes, and clarinets. The key is to only use instruments that produce a soothing sound. Effective sleeping is never going to feature guitars or drums because those types of instruments are loud, bold, and more prone to keeping an individual awake.

There are other people that are more partial to listening to sounds of nature than instruments. This could include listening to rustling leaves, listening to animal noises, listening to a waterfall, or listening to the sounds of a thunderstorm. The theory is because the sounds of nature are capable of lulling an individual back to sleep. They are peaceful and relaxing. They cancel out the noises of traffic, construction, and other city noises that have the tendency to stress people out and keep them awake at night.

Individuals who have trouble sleeping are not the only people who have been known to benefit from sleep music. It is also commonly used music when an individual is swimming, meditating, doing yoga, working out, or studying. All of these activities should be done while relaxing or are done better if an individual is relaxed. For that reason a large number of individuals have found all of these tasks easier to do and/or more beneficial when they listen to sleeping music while they are doing it.

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Jamie Mitges is a Canadian musician who brings to life all the emotions of humanity through song. He’s on a quest to reunite everyone with their own Soul Song.

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