Finding Your Inner Peace With Relaxation Music

relaxation musicNo matter what you do, where you live or who you are, you have a certain type of music that moves you. It can move you to work, it can move you to tears, it can move you to love, and it can move you to relaxation. Relaxation music is different for everyone, but for most people it involves a special type of music commonly known as New Age Music.

What Is New Age Music?
While most people think of New Age Music as a slow, flute-lined melody with strange sounds in the background – this couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, some of it is, but the main part of New Age Music is actually a huge blanket term for all sorts of music. You’ll find acoustic music here with instruments of all types – from piano to guitar, flute to trumpet. You’ll find electronic music here with all sorts of sequencer riffs and synthesizer runs. Some of the different pieces of New Age Music can run up to 30+ minutes long, however they are meant to be this way. Early music of this type rarely had any words, but as the music has become more popular in many different circles for different uses, more composers are adding in lyrics.

The main idea behind New Age Music is how it makes you feel. For this reason, it encompasses so much more than a simple “definition” of a musical type. It encompasses soul, it encompasses passion and it encompasses the pathway to a different place in time for everyone.

Relaxing…. Ahhhhh
For many people, New Age Music also means relaxation. In fact, many refer to this type of music as relaxation music and it’s used for yoga, meditation, general relaxation techniques, and helping them get to sleep. Relaxation music is a wonderful thing and you should know what yours is. If you don’t, no problem. You can easily listen to all different types, all different albums and composers online – normally these are snippets, but it helps you to get the idea behind the album or musical score. You can listen to as many of these examples as you need to so that you can find your perfect relaxation music. And if you don’t find it right off, don’t worry. You will. You will know when you do, it instantly connects with you on a soulful level – and I don’t mean like soul or blues music – I mean deep inside; in your soul.

Finding That Inner Peace
When you finally do find that music that instantly connects with you, snap it up! Once you are ready to relax, play the music in the background and breathe. There are all sorts of breathing techniques you can do to help calm yourself and relax. It doesn’t matter if you meditate or not, if you sleep or not, or if you run laps around the block. Whatever activity relaxes you is what you should be doing. Many people enjoy listening to this relaxation music while they are trying to sleep, as it helps to calm restless minds and help you forget about the day.

Don’t Let It Go
Once you find your perfect relaxation music, don’t let it go. I recommend that you load it on your phone, your iPod, a CD, anything at all – keep it with you, keep it by you, and you will always have it when you need it most. This way, after a bad day at the office, a bad day out and about, or any stressful event when you are away from your home or sanctuary, you’ll always have your relaxation music.

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Jamie Mitges is a Canadian musician who brings to life all the emotions of humanity through song. He’s on a quest to reunite everyone with their own Soul Song.

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