Meditation Music Can Soothe The Soul

meditation musicWe all know that music can bring about tons of different emotions: relaxation, anger, elation, sadness,self-loathing, love, you name it. For some, music is the way that they get through their day. It can help you work, it can help you relax, it can help you get through that hard work out, and it can help you even go to sleep at night. This is why music is so much a part of our lives, and has been for thousands of years.

Meditation music is no different. Normally meditation music is to help you when you’re meditating, to relax, to connect, to let go. Some people, such as myself, write and compose music to meditate. It allows me to connect on a spiritual level and let out all of the day into a piece of musical art. However, for the majority of people out there, the music that they meditate to is key to how well they are able to meditate.

Everyone has different tastes in music when they meditate. You’ll find that some people prefer Christian music to meditate to, to bring them closer to God, to enjoy that special bond they have. Other people prefer more natural meditation music, such as sounds of the rainforest, the lake, the oceans, a storm, or just birds singing. It brings them closer to nature, and helps to bring in a completely natural feel to your relaxation time alone, bringing you closer to yourself and your surroundings. For others, it can be light jazz music, some prefer new age music, others prefer flute music – truly it is all a matter of personal taste that you should always adjust to you.

When choosing your meditation music, find something that is soothing to your soul, even if it’s rock music. You wouldn’t want to tell someone else how to reflect their own calm and you wouldn’t want someone telling you either. What works for one person may not work for you, so I recommend that you listen to several different types of meditation music before you choose one or more. You can find plenty of snippets of different types of music online to get a feel for it before you buy it.

One of the best things about meditation music is that you can choose several different types to help you depending on what mood you are in that day. This is personally what I do when I’m choosing to write or even just to listen. With several different types to choose from, I always have exactly what I need right there. It doesn’t take me long to meditate when I’m writing or listening, especially if I always allow my inner self to truly bring out the best music that I need at that time.

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Jamie Mitges is a Canadian musician who brings to life all the emotions of humanity through song. He’s on a quest to reunite everyone with their own Soul Song.

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