Meditation and Music

meditation and musicI have discussed the benefits of music before in conjunction with other methods such as meditation, but I have yet to elaborate on that of meditation alone. Even though my focus is on music, I believe meditation deserves special attention, because internally, it shares similar properties and purposes as that of music. Each has the ability to relieve stress, aid sleep, and help fulfill your life.

However, music is a creative process, having the equal ability to fire up emotions as it does to calm it down; meditation brings your attention (and therefore emotion) to a calm balance. What is so powerful about meditation is that it is self-administered. Though meditation may be enhanced by music, it comes from your own will, from within.

From meditation too come many benefits, including proven health benefits in numerous studies. I know because meditation has benefited me. Meditation is especially important to me because it relieves my fibromyalgia. If you don’t know, fibromyalgia is a not a temporary disease, but an ongoing condition where the nerves do not act as they properly should. I experience aches throughout my body. They do not heal like ordinary aches, but continue constantly, sometimes to the point of immobility. Accompanied by a high sensitivity to pain, I find it difficult to do activities during the day for they may trigger my aches, difficult to sleep and recover from the day because of existing aches. It seems a cycle without escape. Fibromyalgia meant no longer touring, but it did not mean the end of doing what I love.

Fibromyalgia has no quick fix, no simple medication; it is a lifestyle change, something I came to terms with by learning the limits of my body as well as the strength of my mind. By relieving my stress through meditation, I gained control of my pain. By maintaining awareness of my body and my stress, I reduce fibromyalgia’s symptoms.

I hope I have shown you how significant and powerful meditation is. Besides the solace I find in music, meditation has no substitute, for it involves the mental state. Thankfully, traditional medicine is embracing these properties. Doctors increasingly integrate meditation into treatment. Meditation demonstrates its presence by the approximately 500 studies conducted thus far. Its most prominent benefit is reducing stress. When we experience too much stress, our bodies become so accustomed to stress that our bodies no longer responds properly to cope with stress. By reducing stress, the body can return to its balance and better deal with other problems. These studies show that meditation reduced the risk of stroke, heart disease, heart attack, cancer, and death. Notice many of these diseases are stress related.

There are many more undiscovered benefits to meditation, but it goes to show the effect of the mind on the body, and how much control you actually have over your well being. So I reiterate, imagine the power of music and meditation together.

Listen to meditation music here.

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Jamie Mitges is a Canadian musician who brings to life all the emotions of humanity through song. He’s on a quest to reunite everyone with their own Soul Song.

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