“I have always played soul songs from the very start… I just never knew that one day they would have such an impact on people’s souls.” – Jamie


Jamie’s First Musical Steps

Jamie started his musical journey at 5 years old. It was at that time that his dear grandma introduced him to his ivory destiny. She’d sit him on her knee while she played, and not long after Jamie picked it up immediately.

“My grandmother was a concert pianist and my parents had a piano at home. I played the piano by ear as a boy; I didn’t use music. ? When my parents discovered I was playing by ear, my mother enrolled me in piano lessons. Well, this did not last too long. The piano teacher cracked my knuckles with a ruler when I played the wrong notes. She did that to me only once, and I stopped lessons with her; I decided I would play by myself for a few years.”


Lessons in Adolescence and Music

As Jamie grew older, his passion for music grew with him. Jamie had a few traditional Piano teachers until he finally met Mrs. Roffey, an amazing woman who was just the kind of teacher Jamie needed. Mrs. Roffey saw great potential in Jamie and noticed that he had a gift, the ability to play by ear. She embraced his gift, but also encouraged him to read music and learn music theory. Once she figured Jamie’s natural gift was enough, she dropped it.

Mrs. Roffe said, “Jamie, I am going to make a suggestion to you. You have all you need to go on. Since you have your own technique, it will be very hard for you to move ahead in classical or formal training but you do not need it. You are a natural. Just continue doing what you love; you have the basics to be able to figure it out on your own.”

Music wasn’t just a hobby for Jamie, it was an escape. Like many youths, Jamie was the victim of bullying. He knows all too well how horrible it can be to be the outsider. Jamie was beaten and teased by classmates, and looked to music to help with the harsh realities that lay in the hallways and playgrounds.

Jamie AKA the Night Owl

While many rest and relax at night, Jamie prefers to create.

“The reason is that in the day time the energy is much more intense with traffic and people working. There is so much confusion in the air! At night it feels as if the world is resting. It is like when you go to a baseball game and all the fans are yelling: Popcorn! Coke! Then, after everyone goes home and the cleaner comes in, all there is silence and peace. It is like that for me. It is much better to connect to my higher self when the world is resting. I have always played Soul Songs from the very start. I just never knew that one day they would have such an impact on people’s souls.”


music for yoga and relaxationThe Birth of Soul Songs

Jamie is in touch not only with himself, friends, family, and a higher being, he’s in touch with his soul. That deep connection has allowed him to create songs that aren’t your average songs.

“I meditate and go to my higher self. I then connect to the soul I am composing the Soul Song for. It is the feelings I get that help me compose. Many times I have been in a meditative state and composed a soul song and when I listen to the finished music after recording, I often feel like I am hearing this for the first time!”
“Creating a Soul Song for someone who is already home (deceased) to be honest, is much easier than when you are doing a soul song for someone still on Earth. This is because I am dealing with the human part of them as well. When the soul is completely home, they are happy you are doing this for them and their loved ones. They want to help their loved ones know they are fine and in a beautiful place. I can honestly say that every Soul Song for someone who has passed is in collaboration with that particular soul. I also get messages (from the soul) to pass long to the family; the whole Soul Song experience is so beautiful.”

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